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Credit Scores – different?


We all know credit scores are used each day in all areas of our life!

Here is some valuable information to be used when paying for your score…..

Recently I had a client who had been paying for her credit score. When we pulled up the tri-merge credit report to be used for her Mortgage Application she was shocked at the difference in scores we pulled versus the service she was paying for! Lenders utilize FICO scores for determining the qualifications for a home loan. In this case, the applicant had been paying for a service to see her scores, however they were not the FICO scores. Her scores came in lower than she anticipated since she was paying for a service which did not provide the same scores.

We worked together on a game plan to improve her scores to qualify where she desired, to buy in the near future.

Being  licensed in the State of Oregon to do mortgage loans and are authorized to pull a credit report which displays all 3 scores, the scores used to qualify for a home loan.   I encourage early in the process of qualifying to buy a home working with a Mortgage Professional to see where they may be and set goals to achieve the goal of qualifying to own a home!

Here is a helpful booklet with useful information about credit reports!



Kerry Vasquez, CMC

AVP/ Certified Mortgage Consultant

( 503-580-4661)


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