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USDA 100% – Rural Loans


USDA Guaranteed LoansThe best government Loan program to Buy a home with little or no money out of pocket!

The USDA guaranteed rural housing program is a federally-guaranteed home loan program targeted towards individuals with moderate income to encourage home ownership in “rural” areas.

The highlights include…

This is True 100% financing with no down payment requirement

No monthly mortgage insurance

Seller concessions are allowed up to 6%

Just like the VA or FHA loan, the the government guarantee works by the borrowers paying a one time guarantee fee on the loan amount as their contribution to the guarantee fund, much like the UFMIP on FHA loans and the VA funding fee.

These loans made in rural areas and generally any area outside of an urban area would be considered rural on this program.  The USDA provides a  real-time tool to confirm eligibility to confirm property eligibility.

Just go to


The limits for family income can be checked at this site also. These limits are based upon family size. Currently in Oregon,  a family size of  1 to  4  has a limit of $ $74,050.00 and with 5-8 the cap is  $97,750.

It should be noted, that USDA  program is not limited to first time homebuyers. In special cases, buyers can own more than one home. Distance tests apply between the old one and new one.

The general debt ratios preferred are 30/45.   Credit score requirements are typically 640 or above.

There are few options for 100% financing still left, this is a terrific way to get more home ownership in the smaller communities of our area.

I specialize in this government loan.  Comments or questions are encouraged!



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